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        1. 欢迎访问上海环盟投资咨询有限娱网棋牌大厅_官方网站网站,全国统一服务热线:400-110-1189

          Shanghai Central Union Investment Consulting Co., Ltd

            Central Union Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. is located in China's economic, financial, trade, shipping center - Shanghai, is China's leading industrial research institutions. China Industry Economic Research Network ( www.Chinaiern.com) is the website of Shanghai Central Union Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

            The company is committed to all levels of government departments, foreign-funded enterprise groups, the growth of high-tech enterprises, research institutes, investment institutions, and other industries to provide rich and detailed market research data and commercial competitive intelligence; The scope of business mainly includes the field of industrial subdivision research, IPO consulting, mergers and acquisitions and investment, the project feasibility analysis, industry research, market research and market research and other fields, for all types of institutions to provide 360-degree professional decision-making advice.

          Data advantage

            According to the needs of market research, the company collected data, respectively, the establishment of macroeconomic, industry data, product statistics, industrial enterprises, regional economic statistics five major databases, covering more than 30 provinces in China, more than 40 industrial categories, more than 90 medium , More than 600 sub-categories, more than 1,000 sub-sectors, more than 40 million industrial enterprises of the main economic indicators data, and the relevant data updated quarterly storage, to ensure the comprehensive data and timeliness.

          Expert resources

            We have nearly 100 full-time and external experts, they were from various industry associations, institutions of higher learning, research institutions and consulting firms, and some have been senior management of enterprises, in our research and consulting work, they can give the most authoritative professional point of view and recommendations.

          Research advantage

            Relying on the joint advantages of school and enterprise, with more than two hundred universities across the country to establish long-term stable relations of cooperation in the company's professional full-time researcher's guidance, can quickly set up thousands of people in the market research army, to ensure that research work effectively, The fastest speed profile summarizes the market information needed to help customers seize market opportunities.

            In the face of the new forms of global economy, we take the data, team advantage, combined with the status quo of Chinese enterprises, in-depth study of domestic and foreign markets on the successful operation of the business service model for enterprises to introduce and provide the most cutting-edge industry market business and business management information to help Enterprises in domestic and foreign markets continue to obtain new competitive advantage and new development.




          • 全国热线:400-110-1189
          • 王经理:021-34628089
          • 刘经理:021-34628289
          • 娱网棋牌大厅_官方网站邮箱:800@chinaiern.com